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Why Is Manual Therapy So Commonly Used In Physical Therapy?

Manual therapy is an important part of the physical therapy treatment. But do you know why? This article holds all the answers!Continue reading

Tackling Blood Pressure With Chiropractic Care

Tackling Blood Pressure With Chiropractic Care

When blood is forced against the walls of arteries, it results in blood pressure. Blood pressure is noted to be of two numbers, which are the diastolic pressure which is when the heart relaxes between beats and the systolic pressure which is when the heart beats.

Anyone can develop high blood pressure, regardless of gender, age, or race. It is dangerous because it stresses the heart and makes it work rigorously. It also hardens the walls of the arteries. The risk of heart disease and stroke are increased by high blood pressure, and this is what causes the death of most people in the world today. There are some other problems, such as heart failure, blindness, and kidney disease that are caused by it too.Continue reading

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Aromatherapy: 6 Essential Oils for Health and Relaxation

Aromatherapy is a spa staple, offering clientele the option to get pampered using natural oils that deliver both health and relaxation benefits. Referred to as a type of alternative medicine, aromatherapy is a therapeutic approach to better well-being. The plant-derived oils are typically aromatic which make them a popular option in spas and at home. Here’s a look at some of the most common essential oils used as professional spa supplies in beauty establishments across the globe.Continue reading

Online Retailers for Dental Supplies – Who & Why

While not the largest expenditure in a dental office, dental supplies still make up an average of just over 7% of a typical office’s spending and is a $3-$4 billion industry on its own.  With more and more dental practices experiencing the benefits of doing more for their practice online, it’s only natural that a new trend of researching, price comparison, and purchasing of dental supplies has now moved to the web as well.  Most practices have a goal of dental supplies comprising only 5% of their total revenue and according to the ADA, that 2% drop in spending can add up to an extra $8,200.00 of profit on your bottom line at the end of each year, and that’s just the average.

So now this begs the question for many dentists and staff members, is it worth it to go online?  Who is the best and most reliable retailer, and what do I truly stand to gain or lose?  Below, we’ll look at a couple of the more pivotal players in the online world that have started to set themselves apart, and evaluate. is probably the online company with the most amount of buzz right now.  They are an online marketplace, as opposed to an online dealer and have over 600,000 products from more than 50 different suppliers.  They see themselves as working in conjunction with dealers, and not against them. Think of as the Expedia or Kayak of the Dental world, a place to compare prices and pick your best options.  Their site also allows you to do research and read reviews on various products all in one place. is another online retailer with a bit of a hybrid approach.  Understanding the need for service and person to person assistance, Smartpractice offers discount dental supplies via online ordering with a “Virtual Sales Rep” for each client.  These virtual sales reps are real people that can help answer questions and add a level of support when ordering. The site is tailored to provide an individual experience to each office and tracks past order history for easy viewing and makes recommendations for items you may need to restock.

Although it is estimated that only 30% of dental offices are currently utilizing the internet in their practices, the convenience of 24 hour ordering and having information available at your fingertips, has been a big draw expected to grow that percentage greatly over the next couple years.  Each dental office has different needs however, and it is important to keep in mind some potential risks with online ordering that could outweigh the discount.  One of course, is the lack of service.  Delivery times may vary for these retailers, and there is no sales rep to stop in and drop off an emergency supply of something you need right away or fix a problem.  With Net32 in particular, you could be utilizing a different vendor each time which can bring some uncertainty.  Another growing challenge to be aware of is the sale of “Gray Market Materials” these are products distributed by unauthorized dealers.  As a result, they could be products not legal for sale in the US, past their expiration date, or items that have been recalled.  Regardless of where you choose to shop for your supplies, it’s always a safe and smart idea to verify the vendor is authorized to carry the brands they’re advertising.

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Great prices on the supplies all dental offices need most do exist, and access to price comparisons and competition for the normal distribution process can only mean good things for Dentists’ bottom lines. Happy Shopping!


Senior citizens often have several health problems and conditions, which is normal considering the fact that time takes its toll and that our bodies are becoming more and more vulnerable and sensitive as we age. Old age can cause a full range of symptoms, and many of the diseases that appear in this period of life can affect our lifestyle and disrupt the natural flow of our everyday activities. As a matter of fact, a lot of those health conditions can be so severe and arduous that they prevent senior citizens from performing their day-to-day activities, and once this happens – they are forced to go to a senior living community.

There are several types of these communities, and they all have a lot of similar elements and characteristics.

However, their main difference is the amount of medical care that is dedicated to a patient, and according to this criterion, senior living communities can be classified as assisted living communities, individual living communities, or as nursing homes.

Assisted living and independent living are pretty similar in their general features and purpose, which is to help senior citizens by providing them with housing, a certain amount of health care, meals, and transportation. On the other hand, nursing homes are designed to accept patients who require “around the clock” skilled nursing, and these patients demand a lot of care and attention.

Nursing homes are present all over the world, simply because, unfortunately, there are people who require such kind of help in every corner of the world. These facilities provide skilled nursing, which is a term that signifies 24-hour supervision and constant monitoring. Patients that require this high level of care are predominantly accepted in nursing homes after they have suffered an injury, illness or as a part of a rehabilitative stay following surgery. No matter the reason, they are in need of constant care, and their family or friends are usually unable to offer such amount of attention nor are they skilled and qualified to satisfy the needs of patients.

Staying in a nursing home can be a stressful and confusing change in the lives of older citizens, but this step is simply inevitable in certain cases, and patients do not have a saying in the decision-making process. They have to accept the reality and communicate their needs in the best possible way so that the transition to the new environment goes as smooth as possible. Losing independence is never easy, but there is no shame in asking for or accepting skilled nursing from qualified staff and doctors.

People who work in these facilities have to be certified and tested by renowned medical institutions to be employed by nursing homes, simply because constant contact with elderly people and treatment of their illnesses can be a very demanding task.

However, this job has to be performed in a gentle and friendly manner, and everything needs to be done so that the quality of life of these patients is as high as possible.

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