Senior citizens often have several health problems and conditions, which is normal considering the fact that time takes its toll and that our bodies are becoming more and more vulnerable and sensitive as we age. Old age can cause a full range of symptoms, and many of the diseases that appear in this period of life can affect our lifestyle and disrupt the natural flow of our everyday activities. As a matter of fact, a lot of those health conditions can be so severe and arduous that they prevent senior citizens from performing their day-to-day activities, and once this happens – they are forced to go to a senior living community.

There are several types of these communities, and they all have a lot of similar elements and characteristics.

However, their main difference is the amount of medical care that is dedicated to a patient, and according to this criterion, senior living communities can be classified as assisted living communities, individual living communities, or as nursing homes.

Assisted living and independent living are pretty similar in their general features and purpose, which is to help senior citizens by providing them with housing, a certain amount of health care, meals, and transportation. On the other hand, nursing homes are designed to accept patients who require “around the clock” skilled nursing, and these patients demand a lot of care and attention.

Nursing homes are present all over the world, simply because, unfortunately, there are people who require such kind of help in every corner of the world. These facilities provide skilled nursing, which is a term that signifies 24-hour supervision and constant monitoring. Patients that require this high level of care are predominantly accepted in nursing homes after they have suffered an injury, illness or as a part of a rehabilitative stay following surgery. No matter the reason, they are in need of constant care, and their family or friends are usually unable to offer such amount of attention nor are they skilled and qualified to satisfy the needs of patients.

Staying in a nursing home can be a stressful and confusing change in the lives of older citizens, but this step is simply inevitable in certain cases, and patients do not have a saying in the decision-making process. They have to accept the reality and communicate their needs in the best possible way so that the transition to the new environment goes as smooth as possible. Losing independence is never easy, but there is no shame in asking for or accepting skilled nursing from qualified staff and doctors.

People who work in these facilities have to be certified and tested by renowned medical institutions to be employed by nursing homes, simply because constant contact with elderly people and treatment of their illnesses can be a very demanding task.

However, this job has to be performed in a gentle and friendly manner, and everything needs to be done so that the quality of life of these patients is as high as possible.

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